Content Moderation Outsourcing Services

The primary goal of Content Moderation Outsourcing Services is to ensure that the content complies with the platform’s community guidelines, policies, and legal standards.
Content moderation ensures that your online platform remains a safe space for users, free from offensive or harmful content. A well-moderated site fosters trust among your audience, encouraging longer engagement periods and repeat visits. Search engines recognize these user behavior patterns, positively influencing your website’s SEO ranking.

In today’s digital landscape, having a secure and positive online environment is mandatory for businesses looking to thrive in the virtual realm. One key element in achieving this goal is effective content moderation. Outsourcing this crucial task to specialized service provider like us can not only streamline operations but also contribute significantly to your website’s SEO performance. 

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Content moderation outsourcing for digital platforms

Our content moderation outsourcing services will perfectly handle the responsibility of moderating and managing the user-generated content on your digital platform. We will moderate Text, Images, Videos, and all other forms of user-generated material. The primary goal of our content moderation services is to ensure that the content complies with the platform’s community guidelines, policies, and legal standards.


Content moderation outsourcing refers to the practice of delegating the responsibility of moderating and managing user-generated content on digital platforms to third-party service providers.

Moderation Services

We specialize in providing moderation services to online platforms, social media sites, forums, and other digital communities. We employ human moderators, to review and filter content.

24/7 Coverage

Our Content Moderation outsourcing offer round-the-clock moderation services to ensure timely and continuous content review. This is crucial for platforms with a global user base and different time zones. 


Outsourcing allows platforms to scale their content moderation efforts quickly in response to changes in user activity, content volume, or the introduction of new features.


Content moderation outsourcing companies often have teams of experienced moderators who are trained to handle various types of content, including potentially sensitive or controversial material.

Compliance and Legal Considerations

Outsourcing companies are typically responsible for keeping up with legal requirements and industry standards related to content moderation.


Outsourcing content moderation can be cost-effective for platforms, as it eliminates the need to maintain an extensive in-house moderation team. 


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What is customer support?

Customer support, also known as customer service, refers to the range of activities and assistance provided by a business or third party service provider to customers before, during, and after a purchase or use of a product or service. 

Why do companies outsource Customer Service?

Companies outsource customer support to reduce costs, access specialized skills, and focus on core functions. Customer service outsourcing provides scalability, 24/7 service, and efficient resource management, improving overall operational efficiency.

What are the outsourcing customer service benefits?

Outsourcing your business customer service helps you focus on growth and developing your brand to reach new heights without having to worry about hiring and training support specialists. Plus, outsourced customer service cost is much lower than building an in-house team from scratch.

How to outsource Customer Service?

To outsource your customer support service, contact us at [email protected], we will answer all the questions, explain the process and provide you with the help you need.


Varna, Bulgaria

Our main office is located in Varna, Bulgaria, where the internet is among the 10 fastest in the world. A smart place with smart people. People who top the global charts in mathematics and rank 3rd in the world in IT specialist per capita, people who communicate with the world and one in two speaks at least one foreign language. Outsourcing in Eastern Europe, specifically in Bulgaria, can save a company between 40-50% of its outsourcing costs. Bulgaria has the most competitive offerings within the EU. 

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