How it works?

We perform onboarding free of charge


We get to know your business.

To choose the most effective tools and support channels, we’ll ask you to provide us with some information concerning your company, products or services you offer.

Team Training

FAQ, Scripts, and more..

Our cooperation will start with the two weeks training period. During this time we’ll set up several meetings and training sessions to find out more about your needs and expectations.


Checking how prepared our agents are.

Based on the gathered information, we’ll prepare the special training test to ensure that every agent on our team is ready to serve your customers and meet your requirements in full.

Go Live

We are Ready to represent You.

After onboarding, we’ll regularly send you reports on our interactions with your regular and potential customers. You can monitor how our team works at every stage of our cooperation.


We want to know more!

Provide us with the latest news about your products or services so that our team can stay updated to help your customers in the best possible way.

Services we work with