How it works?

Outsource, Scale, Umbrella!

With Customer Umbrella, the outsourcing process is quick, cost-saving, individual, and result-oriented. There is no up-front payment! 

The first invoice is sent to you after the agents have been working their full first month!

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We agree on all terms, conditions sign Contract and Non-Disclosure

If we start today..



 We get to know your business, your customers and your needs 

in 1-2 days



Meeting the candidates we have carefully selected for You !

in 14 days



We will combine efforts to introduce the agents with your project and clients 

7-14 days

Go Live


We are ready to Launch. You focus on scaling – we handle the customers

in less than 30 days

We can integrate with all major CRM systems

Any channel, any language, any system!

Let’s Analyze

We get to know your business.

Team member will contact you in order to gather all required information concerning your business, products or services you offer, so we can provide the most effective services.


Tell us everything about your needs

The cooperation will start with the two weeks of training. During training we will arrange several meetings and training sessions to make sure our agents are prepared for your needs and expectations.

Preparing FAQ’s, Scripts, and more.

It’s time to test our Agent’s

Based on everything we’ve heard about your business we will prepare a special training process with several tests included to make sure every agent on our team is ready to represent you and meet all of your requirements.

Go Live.

We are Ready to represent You.

We hire and train the agents for free, once we are happy with the results, it’s time to go Live. You can monitor how our teams work at any stage of our cooperation.

How we work

We are not the ordinary customer support Outsourcing company – and we are going to convince you.

Two monitors Setup

All of our agents setup includes – high end PC, Fast stable, cable internet speed, High quality Microphone and 2 Monitors – Working and validating data can be quite easier and faster if done in proper environment.  

Fast write speed

Another advantige in hiring our Customer Support specialists is that all of them write very fast using mechanical Gaming keyboards. Mechanical switches are better because they’re more tactile, durable, and faster.

99% Success rate

Dealing with players can be difficult if you do not understand how they think or what they want. That’s why there is only one way to support them – with gamers like themself. All of our agents are hardcore gamers semi-pro and ex-Pro players.