A few things we’re great at

Customer Engagement Services

Customer Umbrella is an outsource customer support center that focuses on delivering effective communication with your customers. We manage voice, email and live chat channels to meet your required service levels in four unique ways


 Careful selection and on-going training of our associates with our business program. Our agents have the right personality to please your customer.

soft skills

 Effective training in the art of empathy and soft skills to build connections with your customer that retains and builds your brand. Our agents have the right skills to handle all types of calls.


Process driven management and smart use of technology to meet demand at the lowest possible cost. You achieve customer service goals while staying in budget.

right now

While our primary business is managing contact center and back-office operations for our clients, we have COVID-19 work at home teams, ready to start.


What makes us unique

Our team is led by contact center and BPO experts. Each of our area leaders has spent years in the customer communication business and have honed the management process. We focus on personalized communication – at scale. Each customer receives an individual focus, and we do it tens of thousands of times a day, achieving the same results.

The mission

Deliver excellent customer service at the most cost-effectively way.

The story

Found back in 2010, by two gamers and friends with common goals 

Our values

Support With Attitude

Our team

Team of experienced gamers who enjoy helping out 

Any language, any time, anywhere

Our remote and office model means we can hire highly qualified agents fluent in any language – even the difficult ones – anywhere on the planet.

Happy clients

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