Outsourcing: Inbound, Outbound, Live Chat, Email Customer Support

 Some of the wide range of services offered by our company, which specializes in Customer Service Outsourcing. From Email and  Chat customer support to Inbound  and Outbound calls,  Call center solutions, and support for Gambling  and Gaming companies, BPO, Data Entry, Technical Support we have you covered.

Customer Support Outsource

Stay in touch with your clients 24/7 to reduce waiting time, dropped calls and increase conversion. Build long term relationship and grow brand loyality.

We can easily take care of your secondary but important  back-office needs of your business while you save money and resources.

We provide a easily scalable, cost-saving professional customer support service that covers your business actual needs while saving money.

 Serving some of the largest titles in the industry, we know what it takes to delight players and keep them loyal. We are real gamers!

Customer Umbrella will help resolve all of your customers questions or  issues from product information to complicated technical inquiries.

Our sals experts have experience with Amazon, Ebay, Shopify and you will love the way they answer your client’s! Sales, post-sales, returns or refund.

With 99,8% typing accuracy our agents will be a perfect fit for your project, we are always using two monitors and double check all the data before we submit.

Keeping your clients satisfied is the most important goal that every business should follow daily. In the hands of our specialists they will ask for more.

Custom software development outsourcing, Mobile Software Dev, Software Testing Services. If you can imagine it, we can make it happen. 

Our Healthcare professionalists will provide follow the sun 24/7 type of model support covering Inbound, Outbound, Email and Live chat support.

Helping your customers get to know crypto. Solving the technical issues that are affecting your cryptocurrency trading. Finance Customer support assitance.

We can easily scale your Technical support team. Boost your business with Technical Outsourcing! Save money, work smarter, and grow effortlessly.

We will handle all type of gambling customers and help them with any issues they are facing. GDPR trained, Live chat experience, Sports knowledge.

At least half of the customers find using Live Chat more convenient, and let’s all agree that having the ability to answer your customers 24/7 is very cool. 

Outsourcing should be Invisible to your customers.Our Help Desk Email support produces consistent results with scalable capacity.

Let us handle the boring back office tasks so you can scale at ease. Multi-language, 24/7 attendance. We are ready to represent you.

 Supercharge your business outreach! Transform operations with Telemarketing Outsourcing—boost sales, save time, and achieve success.

With years in experience in Sales we can help you by increasing your revenue and total happy clients when lowering the costs of inhouse customer support team.

We have tons of experience in Support as a Servce, let us handle the communications between you and your customers and you can rest assured.

A solution for those who sell on Amazon and need help with handling answering customers requests, returns and post-sales support.

Easily boost your customer success and retantion rate by customer service outsourcing for your social media accounts.

Moderating and managing user-generated content on digital platforms. This content can include text, images, videos

Unlock a new era of customer service solutions, and tailored approaches that redefine Call Center Outsourcing.  

Explore the world of B2B Outsourcing with personalized solutions and growth. Our help will redefine your business.


We cover all ways and channels of communication with your customers.

Customer Engagement Services


 Careful selection and on-going training of our associates with our special training program. Our agents have the right personality to please your customers.

soft skills

 Effective training in the art of empathy and soft skills to build connections with your customer that retains and builds your brand. Our agents have the right skills to handle all types of calls.


Process driven management and smart use of technology to meet demand at the lowest possible cost. You achieve customer service goals while staying in budget and keep customers happy.

right now

While our primary business is Gaming and managing contact center and back-office operations for our clients, we have remote teams, ready to start representing you Now.

why outsource customer support to customer umbrella

What makes us unique

Our team is led by contact center and BPO experts. Each of our area leaders has spent years in the customer communication business and have honed the management process. We focus on personalized communication – at scale. Each customer receives an individual focus, and we do it tens of thousands of times a day, achieving the same results.

The mission

Deliver excellent customer service at the most cost-effectively way. Outsource to Bulgaria. 

360 degrees

Soft skills, High-Tech, GDPR, Account management, Digital Payments, Refunds, Verification.

The story

If speaking kindly to plants helps them grow, imagine what speaking kindly to humans can do.


Training seminars and training videos about updates, changes and new tech!

Our values

Support With Attitude. We answer your customers and we do it in style! Happy customers – more sales.

We care

Our offices have two high-speed internet connections, uninterrupted electricity and high security!

Our team

Team of experienced IT experts who enjoy helping out. Creative and talented team.

Advanced Interviews

Interviews in 3 stages in order to get only experienced agents with high-tech knowledge, and the right skills.

Any language, any time, anywhere

Our remote and office model means we can hire highly qualified agents fluent in any language – even the difficult ones – anywhere on the planet.

Want to know more?

Contact us today to discuss your needs. Together we will decide the best approach to cost-effectively meeting your needs.