Outsourcing start up customer support

Front Line Support Services

Frontline support refers to the initial level of customer or user support provided by a company or organization. Often It involves addressing basic inquiries, troubleshooting common issues, and providing assistance with routine problems. Frontline support is often the first point of contact for customers seeking help or information.

Customer Inquiries

Handling general queries and providing information about products, services, or processes.

Issue Resolution

Addressing common problems and resolving straightforward issues that customers may encounter.

Technical Assistance

Providing basic technical support, troubleshooting, and guiding customers through common technical challenges.

Product Knowledge

Possessing a good understanding of the company’s products or services to effectively assist customers.

Start-up Support Outsource

As we know, time is money. Deciding how your start-up company spends its time and resources is one of the most important pieces of strategising you will do as a manager. Part of ensuring your team is using their time as wisely as possible can mean cutting out tasks which could be done by personnel less qualified in IT. That’s why IT providers of many different descriptions can reap the rewards of outsourcing their start-up frontline support. Reasons why you should choose  Customer Umbrella  for the job:

Round the clock support

While you might have a dedicated team, in many cases it is unlikely that an IT provider will want to set up round the clock support for their clients. But what if something goes wrong in the middle of the night? Customers value being reassured, and by outsourcing your first line customer support to us you can ensure that there is always someone to lend a sympathetic ear. Even if they won’t be able to solve the problem, they can calm the customer down, provide essential advice, and let them know when a specialist will respond to their request.


As an IT professional, you might have had a chuckle at how many times the ‘turn it off and switch it on again’ advice has solved the problem. Other typical problem-solving procedures might be to reset a connection or reinstall a program. Outsourced first line customer support can diagnose problems and provide more than simple solutions. Without you having to get involved, allowing you to focus on the more serious issues your customers have. You can really rest assured while not around our experts will take care of your customers.  


While you might be worried that allowing another organisation to handle your first line support enquiries might make your company appear disjointed, many telephone answering services specialising in IT offer a ‘white label’ offering. This means there will be nothing to differentiate them from your company as far as the customer is concerned. You can reap the rewards of an additional ‘arm’ to your business, at the fraction of the cost required to operate the department in house. Outsource your White Label team today, outsourcing should be invisible to your customers.

Outsourced customer support

Start-up Customer Support Outsroucing 

And our agents become your subject matter experts.

Struggle with streamline your business inbound calls process? Instead choose a cost-saving, flexible and functional call center at Customer Umbrella. Our agents become your subject matter experts. Choosing us means that you will strengthen the relationship bond with your customers, save time, reduce operational costs, and naturally boost revenue.

Whether you want to gauge how your product or service is performing or want to find out how you can provide better services to your customers, there is no more effective way than hearing it directly from your customers. While underrated by many companies, customer satisfaction surveys give you an almost exact measurement of what your customers think about your products and services.

Customer upselling

The most effective way to make upsells and cross-sells is to tailor recommendations to a customer’s needs and goals. After all, customers don’t typically reach out to support teams with the goal of hearing a sales pitch — so generic suggestions that they upgrade to a more expensive product or higher membership tier are unlikely to be well-received. Our agents have the right skills and know when and how to advertise the next big thing.

Without the right tools and workforce for communication, business can lose valuable customers and important business relationships. For instance, businesses must make sure that their email services are up to scratch because email remains as one of the most valuable communication technologies in the business world.

A high volume of calls can lead to clogged phone lines and long wait times. Not only can this cause a business to lose customers, but it’s not efficient or cost-effective. By diverting some customers onto live chat services, you can more efficiently resolve complaints and questions, providing all-around better customer service.

If your business truly wants to provide superior customer support service, it will have to use dedicated agent services over alternatives. While most successful businesses know the benefits of using a outsourced dedicated call agents, many still don’t realize that call centers often have different levels of service.

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