Serving some of the largest titles in the industry, we know what it takes to delight players and keep them loyal.

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Studios are perpetually locked in a cutthroat battle to produce the next big thing — the best graphics, the best storytelling, the best soundtracks. And while the games themselves need to be amazing, the community, customer service, and content moderation surrounding them need to be equally worthy. We partner with ambitious gaming studios around the world through customer service, content moderation and digital enablement, to future-proof their business and stay ahead of the competition.  

Companies we are familiar with

From free-to-play to premium, from MMO to single-player games, from PC to mobile, VR/AR and console game support, we’ve got you covered. Our service is trusted by more than 100 successful gaming, software and SaaS companies worldwide. By outsourcing player support you will significantly improve players’ experience and your overall profits and business performance!

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How we work

We are not the ordinary customer support Outsourcing company – and we are going to convince you.

Two monitors Setup

All of our agents setup includes – high end PC, Fast internet speed, High quality Microphone and 2 Monitors – Working and validating data can be quite easier and faster if done in proper environment.  

Fast write speed

Another advantige in hiring our Customer Support specialists is that all of them write very fast using mechanical Gaming keyboards. Mechanical switches are better because they’re more tactile, durable, and faster.

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98% Success rate

Dealing with players can be difficult if you do not understand how they think or what they want. That’s why there is only one way to support them – with gamers like themselves. All of our agents are hardcore gamers, semi-pro and ex-Pro players.

24/7/365/360° Gaming Support

We Specialize in Gaming Customer Support.

Account Management

GDPR ready

Verifying account ownership, Resotre access, using advanved verification methods to ensure the person contacting us is the right owner of the account in question.

Technical Support

L1, L2

Troubleshooting any error message, and providing quick solutions to Players for any game or title. Advanced dxdiag file, software or hardware issues will be promptly resolved in the hands of our experts, we are not only gamers, we are passionate about Computers as well.

Advanced Game Knowledge

Pro Gamers

Who cloud be better to support your players than a actual gamer who have played and know your games? We specialize in Outsourcing Gaming customer support because we all have the required know-how. 

Soft Skills

Agents with Attitude

Nobody understands players better than a fellow player, and that’s a fact. We are dedicated nerdy gamers, who enjoy playing and helping out. We do not only know all the short abbreviations for all complex words Gamers use, but we speak the same language!

We can help battle Cheaters!

Our team of agents have been playing in top of the ranks in many video game titles. We know the difference between skills and software because of the time we spent playing. The gaming industry suffers from cheaters who ruin the game for everyone. Nothing can keep players away from the game like the bad experience. But no worries, there is no fooling us! Our dedicated Anti-Cheat teams review demos, add bans, and remove if your anti-cheat have banned a person for no reason, because let’s be honest – There is no better anti-cheat than professional gamer!!

Salesforce Experience

We have years of experience working with Salesforce, Player360 supporting gaming projects.

We are Gamers!

We are not the ordinary outsourcing company, and we will convince you.

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