At Customer Umbrella, we know how important is to maintain maximum security. That is why all of our teams even the fully remote ones are following all major security standards and internal procedures. The steps of data protection taken by our Security Department are described below.

Need to Know Basis

Regardless of our staff security clearance level or other approvals, the agents only have access to the information required to fulfill their job functions. If anyone needs to gain a higher level of access, they must receive an approval from the Higher Department.

Security & Training

Every team member receives appropriate advanced security awareness training and regular updates in organizational policies and procedures. This includes videos, verification of the learned material, phishing simulations that simulate scam and fraud attempts. 

Data Classification

We store and organize all the data by categories, so it may be used, located and protected more efficiently. A data classification policy is used to categorize a company’s information based on its sensitivity level, ensuring proper handle and lower organizational risk.

Risk Assessment

 ISO 27001:2013 standard require we conduct an annual risk assessment by identify anything that could negatively affect our organization. That way we make sure that every department’s operations are safe, secure, and cannot become the sources for breaches and leaks.

Data Encryption

Encrypting data at rest can be compared to storing data in a bank vault, while encryption of the data in transit is like using a secure courier. We use data encryption in transit in case of remote and office work, and encryption at rest is used only for our office work.

Staff & Onboarding

There are 3 interview stages before we sent job offer. We conduct history and background check to confirm the professional background and work experience required for the position. We find out if a person has had issues with the law or has a criminal record.

Incident Response 

Every incident is documented in details, which helps us track its status and take measures to keep it from reappearing again in the future. Our Incident Response Team works in a timely manner to monitors the incidents that have already happened before.

Business Continuity

The Business Continuity plan makes sure we minimize the negative effects of outages and disruptions, and to make sure our company can get back online quickly after issues occur. Such procedure lowers the risk of data loss or coverage disruptions. 

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Your security is our top priority so we follow all major security standards.

Customer Support Outsource

GDPR — full compliance with the EU General Data Protection Regulation act

iso 27001 cert

Ensures data protection and management in accordance with the law. 

Customer Support Outsource

PCI DSS Level 1 — the highest level of security that ensures payment data safety 

Logical Controls

Data Encryption Policy

We use data encryption in transit for our of remote teams and office work, and encryption at rest is used for our offices.  This is one of the best security solutions to protect sensitive information

Data Loss Prevention

Data loss prevention strategy is crucial to secure business data, protect intellectual property, and comply with regulations. Our DLP systems ensure that your company’s sensitive data is not lost, mishandled, or accessed by unauthorized users.

Multi-Factor Authentication 

Preventing Data Breaches – Added login factors prevent attackers from infiltrating networks even if they have user credentials. This safeguards against data breaches that can lead to loss of data, intellectual property, and other sensitive information.

Strong Password Policy

All of our teams are following the latest standards in the password security bible, such as the use of complex passwords with no less than 14 symbols and the mandatory presence of arabic numbers and special characters, and the system forces them to change it every 30 days.

Physical Controls

CCTV and Security Access Cameras

We monitor the entire office perimeter in all our offices 24/7, so if an event of any incident it will be possible to track what happened to its occurence. 

Physical Security

We are not only following the latest software and hardware security standards and policies. Our company takes security very seriously, that is why all of our offices are subscribed to local law enforcement firms to make sure everything is in order.

Access points

We have carefully divided the territory of the company offices into zones to easily identify the access levels and safeguards needed to protect all facilities from unauthorized access. Everyone has personal access badges, which allows us to enter doors, elevators and specific areas by access provided.

Internet Backup & Power Generator

Incidents happen, this is why all of our offices are equiped with power backup generators and back-up internet provider to use in emergency. This way the down time due to any disruptions is lowered to minimum!