Svetoslav Dobrev


A results-oriented executive that is overseeing the end-to-end delivery of our company business on a global scale. Svetoslav connects personally with every client to ensure all their needs are fully understood and met, he is a genuine inspiration and a guiding force for our teams. Leading the organization across the globe for over 100 clients, Svetoslav is a Bulgarian with dual fluency in English and Bulgarian. Prior to founding Customer Umbrella, Dobrev had his own Online Store in EMEA and Americas and was a Customer Success Specialist. Applying his 10 years in sales and 20+ years in Gaming, marketing and strategy experience as guiding principles to Customer Umbrella ongoing global growth and track record of success. A genuine supporter, he hold an bachelor in Information Technology from the University of Economics, Varna, Bulgaria. 

Trendafil Dimitrov

HR Manager

As an accomplished HR Management Specialist, I bring a unique blend of skills and experiences to the world of recruitment. My journey began with a degree in Dramaturgy, where I honed my ability to understand narratives, motivations, and character dynamics. Little did I know that these storytelling skills would serve me well in the dynamic realm of human resources. I thrive on identifying hidden gems—the candidates who possess not only the right qualifications but also the potential to make a lasting impact within the organization. Numbers don’t lie, and neither does a well-structured recruitment process. Beyond the boardroom, you’ll find me immersed in virtual worlds. My passion for gaming fuels my creativity, strategic thinking, and adaptability—qualities that translate seamlessly into talent acquisition. I understand that behind every resume is a person with dreams, aspirations, and a unique story.

Dobri Ivanov

Chief Technology Officer

Chief Technology Officer (CTO) with over 13 years of experience leading technology strategy and innovation. Expert in developing, implementing and connecting scalable software solutions, driving digital transformation, and managing cross-functional teams. Proven track record of aligning technology initiatives with business goals to enhance operational efficiency and achieve growth. Adept at fostering a culture of continuous improvement and staying ahead of industry trends. Recognized for strong leadership, strategic vision, and a commitment to technological excellence.

Kristin Todorov

Customer Service Representative

Customer Service Representative with over 5 years of experience in delivering exceptional support and positive customer relationships. Skilled in handling a high volume of inquiries with efficiency and empathy, ensuring customer satisfaction and loyalty. Proficient in using various CRM software and adept at troubleshooting, problem-solving, and providing clear, effective solutions. Strong communicator with a talent for de-escalating situations and understanding customer needs. Committed to continuous learning and improvement, with a proven track record of exceeding performance targets. Known for a customer-centric approach, attention to detail, and a genuine passion for helping others.

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