Amazon, Ebay Virtual Assistance

We are very much aware with how much work and time is really involved in running an online store. Why? Because we own few! What our VA’s bring to the table?

Data entry

We are offering variety of classic data entry services & data processiong like categorisation and validation.

Fulfilling Orders

We can help with manually fulfilling orders while using your client’s address and answer questions. 

Returns and Exchanges

Taking care of returns with contacting customers with viable information and printing return labels.  

Managing inventory sheets

Managing few big inventory sheets we have what it takes to keep up to date information about the listed products.

Customer care

Answering customer questions via email, live chat or in-store communication app.  

Product Descriptions

Answering messages

Listing new products

Answering messages

Product Research

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Outsource to a Virtual Assistant

As a business owner, time constantly feels limited. Trying to attend to every area of your business, as well as stay on top of digital and industry trends and changes can have more negative than positive effects. Being constantly overloaded and overworked just doesn’t allow you to be the best you can be. That burning urge to offload is very common and in fact, a natural part of your businesses journey as it flourishes. Which is what has led you here.

The thought of putting your trust in someone else can be daunting, but you shouldn’t disregard this option until you have explored everything, gathered all the facts and tried it. Sometimes we need to step out of our comfort zones to be able to move on to the next chapter.

You may be getting things done by yourself, but are you completing them in a timely manner? Are you producing quality work? Are you seeing results? When you find yourself asking these questions as well as lacking time, knowledge or interest, it’s time to reevaluate the way you are working and what you work on. Outsourcing to a Virtual Assistant at Customer Umbrella may very well be the next crucial step you take in order to reach personal and professional goals. Here are a few more common reasons you will be able to resonate with.


Your business has started to grow but you need another you to get it to the next stage

You’re forever feeling like there are never enough hours in one day

Double bookings are being made, appointments and opportunities missed

You’re having to turn away work, it’s become almost impossible to do it all alone