Outsource to a Virtual Assistant

The demand for virtual assistants is rapidly rising. Delegating your administrative and clerical workload to a field professionals is a highly beneficial practice. Remote assistants can take over daily tasks that aren’t that important but still essential to a business operation.  Plus, hiring a virtual executive assistant is much easier than hiring and maintaining an in-house one. 

Modern advanced technology makes it possible for a virtual assistant to execute nearly any task that can be carried out remotely. Customer Umbrella knows how to find highly skilled helpers who would do a quality job for our clients.  We are currently among the top-trusted virtual administrative assistant companies. Our services can help your business to scale up and fix any operational issues. 

Hire a virtual assistant at Customer Umbrella and save your time, money, nerves, and resources. Focus on core tasks and Increase your business productivity by giving less-important routine responsibilities to a  virtual assistant company.

Our virtual assistant service includes:

Data entry;

Preparing presentations;

Managing e-mails;



Content moderation;

Online research;

Knowledge base;

Amazon, Ebay Virtual Assistants 

Customer Umbrella offers cost-effective solutions for companies that struggle to manage their workload. While providing cheap virtual assistant services, we keep the quality of our work to the highest standard.  

Benefits of Hiring Virtual Assistant Company

Our virtual secretary services come with many great advantages. We take an individual approach to each case and develop the best possible plan that perfectly suits your needs and requirements. Here are the core features you get:

Skilled virtual assistants able to multitask;

Fast reactions to your requests;

Multiple hiring options;

Most Competitive prices in Europe.

If you are tired of wasting your time dealing with non-essential tasks, it is time for you to get back-office assistance. Outsource to a virtual assistant with us and get the help you need! 

Best virtual assistance service: how it works

Trusting your client care to a customer service virtual assistant can be difficult because of doubts and fear that a remote helper may not do a proper job due to a lack of knowledge about your business. However, virtual assistants specialize in quickly learning and adapting to new markets and acquiring expertise in different areas.

Our company aims to help you fulfill your business potential by delivering 24/7 virtual assistant services. To make our service most effective and helpful, we follow these steps:

You tell us what exactly you need and describe your requirements in detail;

We find the most suitable virtual helper to take care of them;

We form an individual work-flow;

We monitor your helper’s performance and productivity regularly;

We consider your feedback and adjust the working process as per your request.

Choosing us among other virtual executive assistant companies, you opt for quality service and support. Hire us today and ease your business routine!

Amazon, Ebay Virtual Assistant

We are very much aware with how much work and time is really involved in running your online store. Why? Because we own few! That’s why in Customer Umbrella we believe that outsourcing to experienced and reliable Virtual Aassistant can make a lot of difference and safe a lot of money. What our VA’s bring to the table?

Data Entry;

Fulfilling Orders; 

Returns and Exchanges;

Image Optimisations;

Answering Messages;

Product Research;

Listing new products;

Product Descriptions; 

And much more;